About Te Miti
Translated from Tahitian, “Te Miti” means “the sea” and serves as one of our biggest inspirations. The ocean is as beautiful as it is vast and integral to global health. We use color pallets from various islands as well as art from oceanic nations to promote a sense of importance in protecting marine ecosystems. Our company works towards ensuring healthy ocean systems and inspires marine conervation.

The first stages of our brand were known as Moana sportswear; the first launch was in 2013 at the Tahiti Pearl Regatta. We relaunched as Te Miti in 2015.

Te Miti sportswear is designed for beach and water sports enthusiasts that care about their environmental impact. We offer fashions for surfing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, kite boarding, rowing and all water sports activities. Our apparel provides 50+ sun protection and is constructed of the very best fabrics and engineered for great comfort and durability.

Each of our garments is created with fabrics that are under Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Each meter is evaluated for its environmental impact through analysis of energy use, CO2 emission, water eutrophication, and acidification.

Through combining colors pulled directly from the hues of the South Pacific, Polynesian tattoo art, and eco- sensitive fabrics, we have created a way to look and feel amazing while sharing a passion for the ocean.